The ES FUI "Skully" Collection

Our skully pendants and rings are a symbol of life, love, and mortality. The "ES FUI" collection started when Emily cast a single pendant — in memory of her father — from a Memento Mori wax seal in her Victorian collection. The seal reads, "What you are, I once was; what I am now, you will be." In shorthand Latin it appears as: "Es, Fui; Sum, Eris." This moving phrase, and the kindly skull itself, beseeches us to remember our mortality and to seize the day while we still can! This phrase was a known epitaph during Roman times, appearing most notably on a tombstone at Fanum Fortunae:

"Viator, viator! Quod tu es, ego fui; quod nunc sum, et tu eris //
"Traveler, traveler! What you are, I once was; what I am now, you will be."

"A delight to open."

I don’t think it’s possible to be disappointed in something from JJV! The bracelet itself is beautiful and feels luxurious, but the whole experience of purchasing was wonderful. Emily kindly accommodated a custom request I made (and the customization is perfect), and kept me up to date on my order. Everything arrived safely and was a delight to open. — Patricia

"Above and beyond."

As always, Jean Jean went above and beyond expectations. Emily accommodated my request and shipping was fast. My package was wrapped as if it was a special gift given by a friend. The item itself is gorgeous and exactly what I was looking for. Absolutely perfect. I highly recommend Jean Jean for unique, high quality vintage jewelry you will treasure for years to come. — Carin