The Cachet Collection

The Jean Jean Cachet Collection is a captivating range of reversible antique wax seal jewelry. The Victorians used wax seals to stamp all of their correspondence and the choice of which seal to use was intensely personal and powerful. The seal was the first thing that the reader would see — a preview to what was written inside. News of a death required a somber seal with a phrase of comfort, a "billet doux" to a lover something tender or playful, and a business contract perhaps just stamped with the day of the week.

With the Cachet Collection, antique wax seals become wearable "objets d'art": small reminders of the big sentiments that rule us all. The messages and images on the seals are timeless, carrying just as much meaning for us today they did for people almost two centuries ago. Our collection is cast from early 19th century artifacts, hand-finished with love in Michigan, and designed to be worn every day as pendant, rings, or charms.

"A delight to open."

I don’t think it’s possible to be disappointed in something from JJV! The bracelet itself is beautiful and feels luxurious, but the whole experience of purchasing was wonderful. Emily kindly accommodated a custom request I made (and the customization is perfect), and kept me up to date on my order. Everything arrived safely and was a delight to open. — Patricia

"Above and beyond."

As always, Jean Jean went above and beyond expectations. Emily accommodated my request and shipping was fast. My package was wrapped as if it was a special gift given by a friend. The item itself is gorgeous and exactly what I was looking for. Absolutely perfect. I highly recommend Jean Jean for unique, high quality vintage jewelry you will treasure for years to come. — Carin